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The shipping takes for ever!! It says 6-8 business days and I’ve been waiting on my order for about 2 weeks now. Is this how it was for everyone?? 🙄🙄

Don’t buy anything

Don’t by anything cause you can’t receive your order even in about year, customer service poor, I guess it’s really huge scam online service!!!!!




I initially loved this website because they’re clothes looked like really good quality and they have good reviews on the items they have from customers in the app. But that because they DELETE most of the bad ones!! I wrote a review on a pair of shoes I ordered that came in damaged, VERY poor quality material and the straps can not be adjusted to fit your foot. AND MY REVIEW GOT DELETED. And I’ve read other people’s reviews saying that they’re bad reviews get deleted too. Anyways, back to why I HATE this app. So like I said, the shoes were damaged and poor quality so I did not wish to keep them or the dress that I purchased because it is poor quality too and strings are already being pulled on it. My jacket that also came with this order still hasn’t arrived and STILL hasn’t even been shipped yet as far as I know. I placed this order weeks ago and still do not have my jacket tracking number. They better give me a refund on my shoes and dress, but it looks like they never give money back from what other people’s reviews are saying. Worst shopping experience I ever had. Would not even give it one star.

great app

my favorite shopping app, items are good quality

This is a scam

Worst online clothing shop I've ever seen. One of those shops that seems legit but then you realize that you're never going to get any of the items you ordered. DONT DOWNLOAD


I love zaful! it’s so cheap for hi quality clothes and I will always shop here!!

Orders :)

So far i have purchased three bikinis, and a pair of shorts from ZAFUL, and OMG this site is a freaking blessing. Great prices, great quality, LOVE!!!!

Definitely get what you paid for

Very cute and cheap items which resulted in me receiving a top completely missing a strap. It’s suppose to have two adjustable spaghetti straps and one of those straps was like never sown in place. In another order my order wasn’t sent completely which was a bummer because they were out of stock on a particular crop top. I do admit that they did give me my refund on that item though.


YOU BETTER MAKE SURE EVERYTHING FITS BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING OR ELSE, THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RETURN ANYTHING. Instead, they send you in circles and tell you they don’t have the “authority” to help. I bought 4 bathing suits and a bralette crop top off of the app. 3 of the bathing suits were too small so I go to start the return process and get a return label and I had to download Facebook messenger just to contact them. I contact their support center and tell them the issue and they told me to click on a link they sent and submit a ticket detailing the issue. They said they’d get back to me within 24 hours. I submitted a ticket and waited a few days before messaging them again. They said the ticket was still open and that I had to reply with pictures of the bathing suits, the issue, and my order number. I did that and waited a few days and got no response yet again. I called their support center and they said that the ticket was closed but they had no authorization to help with the issue. So, I Facebook message them AGAIN and explain my troubles they tell me to email them and that they should reply with in 24 hours. Still haven’t gotten a response yet. NEVER ORDERING OFF OF ZAFUL EVER AGAIN.




Love the bikinis, the deals, and the customer service was great.

Good luck getting your stuff

Ordered 4 things over a month ago. Received 2, and as far as I can tell there is no customer support, returns or refunds. Stay away.

I’m confused

All the reviews for this app are actually reviews for fortnite mobile

Preeetty good

It’s a good app, only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is that, the white shirts are more transparent than the picture and the material is thiner.

Five stars

Amazing clothes! I order all the time. Great material and shipping time is about 1-2 weeks!

Bathing suit & Cover Up

I’m really impressed with what I received I will definitely buy from here again? I can’t wait(:!


the first time i bought from zaful, it felt almost too good to be true, and low and behold it was. yes, some of their products are okay. ive bought three bathing suits total, and 1/3 i actually wear and it has good quality. i’ve bought sunglasses i really like, and 2 different two pieces (which i hate both of them, one for their awful quality, and two for their inaccuracy to the pictures online, same goes for two of those bathing suits). yes, i do always have low expectations when buying from zaful but after my last purchase, i don’t think i will ever be buying from here again. it’s disappointing to be honest. keep in mind if you plan on buying from zaful that you really are getting what you paid for. it’s not amazing quality for an amazing price. it’s very cheap, low quality for an amazing price. i would not recommend buying from zaful. it just isn’t worth it. you wait so long for your purchase, and although everything is cheap, it’s just not worth the quality of the clothing. :/

I’m love

The clothes are great

Best app ever

Love this app 100%!!! What are you waiting to download it??? The only this that’s going to regret it is your wallet lol❤️❤️❤️❤️

Zaful review

Omg zaful is the best, it has the most affordable bikinis ever and there super cute love it !!

Happy customer

First time ordering from this site. So far so good. True to size!!! Love everything thing I got

Best clothing App ever. Fashion Nova who??

I’ve literally ordered all of my summer 18 clothes on this app. From bikinis...dresses...two peace AND accessories and have yet to return anything! Not to mention the outfits u get to put together and share with other users! The prices are so cheap it’s impossible to NOT shop! I love Zaful❤️❤️❤️❤️

Would rate zero stars if I could

There’s barely any inclusivity in this site. I’m a size 16 usually can fit into an XL but the XL is just barely too small for me. There’s so many non-plus size options coming in every day. And it’s all so so cute. And then I go to the plus size section (where I wear a 1x-2x depending on the site) and it’s the same four bathing suits, two rompers, and shorts and top sets that I’ve seen for almost a whole year. When are the plus size women going to get some more options? Update: Zaful responded to this and obviously didn’t really read or cared for what I had to say. They said to look at the sizing chart. Obviously I looked at the sizing chart, so I know that it doesn’t fit me when it should.


Had some cool outfits... went to order them and we couldn’t. My bank called and said it was a fraud from England. Be careful

Great clothes, complicated app

The clothes are great! But the app itself is so difficult to use. There’s a lot of glitches. It was difficult to purchase an item while applying discounts bc they would disappear or wouldn’t be able to be used for some reason. So I had to start over and reapply the discounts. I tried to leave a review on an item I bought, but I pressed “send” and it won’t let me leave a review. It’s just complicated for no reason. I love the clothes but the app is not fun to use. I’m having a hard time with it.

no models

They need models so you know what it looks like on a person especially for swimsuit bottoms


Why are there fortnite reviews on a clothing store app??


I am super inlove with this shopping site ! Everything I’ve received is exactly what I ordered and looks the exact same. Fits perfect , adorable clothes and accessories and the coupons and points are a great catch !


I’ve had Zaful for a few months now, and after my first order from them, I began receiving random packages from Amazon that I didn’t order but had my name and address on them. I’ve received things from a toy truck, to a wireless phone charger, to a pair of slippers. After receiving 8 or so unordered packages I finally turned to the internet to help me figure out why I was receiving these, only to discover that I was being scammed. Apparently I’ve been a victim of something called “brushing” which is when your personal information (name, phone number, email, home address, etc.) is compromised and given to (usually) overseas manufacturers. These manufacturers then send you their products WITHOUT YOU HAVING ORDERED THEM, so that they can write a review of their product in your name and sell more items. This sounds, while a bit creepy, relatively harmless, and I thought it was, but a few days ago I received a notification from google that someone “near Indonesia” has tried to login to my gmail account. The only way these people could have received my information is through Zaful, as they are the only overseas company I have given my information to, and because I began to receive these packages only after I had purchased items from Zaful. I have since deleted all my information from Zaful as well as the app itself, but I am still concerned about companies that already have my information. Now I am worried about my credit card information, as I had it saved in the Zaful app. Please do not create an account with Zaful - it could result in a near identity theft.


Didn’t even have to purchase anything to realize that this is a scam. All the 5-star reviews are by Chinese bots copying and pasting fake paragraphs about a shooting game. All the 1-star reviews are saying that they never received anything they ordered, and the company never contacted them. This “app” should be removed from the store immediately.


Muy bonitos


Honestly it’s my favorite clothing company that actually has cute things and actually shops the same thing I see online to me, not only that but you can earn point so easily and those points can then save you money and it’s just great. Return policy and satisfaction guarantee are also a huge plus.


I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical after ordering and then reading the comments. I got 8 day shipping and after reading the comments I saw where some people hadn’t gotten their products until after 2 months. I got mine on time though, right before my vacation! The only reason I gave them 4 stars was because the sizing was off. The swimsuits I ordered are a little snug. If you’re one size, dont purchase that size go at least a size up! Other than that, I will say I’m very satisfied with the shipping time!


I made a purchase and it never arrived. Also never received my money back even though I payed for shipping insurance if my package got lost and I was not able to ask for a refund. The tracking information would also either disappear and say that there was nothing or when it would show, it was never up to date. Not very pleased.


The best this ever, and the best quality, can’t get better than this


Absolutely love this app. My favorite part is that you can see the different outfits people put together and are able to buy each item from it. Such a great feature! My new favorite shopping app!!


My shipment never arrived, we called ZAFUL and the delivery company (who said they were scattered everywhere and that they couldn’t find them), and have tried to track the package. They won’t even let us get our money back.

My favorite store!

All the clothes fit so well and the swim suits are so flattering. I could buy anything and love it. :) haven’t been disappointed yet :)


Horrible service horrible clothes it’s just bad don’t order from here


I love all your clothes. It's good quality. It's in style and you have unique pieces. I love the colors and the variety of dresses. I wish you would stock up on sold out pieces that I've fallen in love with. Also please bring back some pieces in different colors! You guys are amazing! Love to shop from your site! ❤️❤️❤️

Terrible service

This company doesn’t even deserve 1 star. I’ve been an online clothing costumer for years and in all those years I’ve never had such a shady an untrustworthy experience. So I purchased two bathing suits and a week had passed and yet had not received a tracking number. So, I contact ZAFUL to make sure everything is all right with my order all to find out they had charged me for items that weren’t even available. I immediately let them know how wrong is this and they never assumed responsibility for this but worse, justify that it could be my fault for the time I add something to the cart and the time I purchase it , the item might not be available. I told them that’s a foul excuse , if something is unavailable, the company should inform you and not steel your money. Then ZAFUL told me if I wanted to replace the purchased item for another, to just pick another one and if there’s a money difference that they’ll send me a bill. NOOOO they should just owned up to their action, apologize, not give excuses and give an immediate full refund. Anyhow, I’m never purchasing from ZAFUL again . If I’d known about this, I would never even had trusted them in the first place. Always leave a review , positive or negative.

Good app

Everything about the app such as the clothes are good but costumer service is whack

5 stars

Zaful is the best my package took about a week and my items looked exactly as they are in the picture they fit perfectly i love it

Return Issue

I misplaced my return slip and i need to return a bathing suit that in no way shape or form is the size advertised. “Submitting a ticket” did not help and not to mention one of the bathing suits i ordered sat in “Processing” for 4 days (and probably would have even longer if hadn’t i said anything) just to tell me that my size is OUT OF STOCK. Like what happens now ???

Small Array of Plus Size Clothing

Not okay how small the plus size clothing section is. The choices that they do have, are not even stylish and cute like the regular clothes. Would not recommend this app if you are a young adult and looking for plus size clothing.


It’s pretty legit I guess.


I ordered from ZAFUL twice. The first time, I purchased one swim suit for $17.60. It came quickly, it fit perfectly, & it was absolutely gorgeous. A couple weeks later, I decide to order another swimsuit and a summer dress for vacation ($35.88). I also paid for expedited shipping to ensure that the items would arrive in time. They did not. When I contacted ZAFUL, they seemed unaware that I had paid for expedited shipping or unable to understand why I was upset. They tried to blame FedEx when the mistake was on their end & they would not refund the extra money I’d spent for shipping. I was annoyed, but whatever, it’s $10. I packed an alternative outfit for my trip and, couple days after I returned, the package finally arrived. The swimsuit was (once again) gorgeous and fit well. The dress, however, was both too small & too short despite the fact that I ordered a large when I usually wear a medium. So I messaged them about a refund/return & they told me to fill out a “ticket” via their support center. After I filled out the initial ticket, they responded in about 8 hrs stating that they could issue a full refund for my order and that they only needed me to confirm, which I did. Moral of the story: only purchase swimsuits and order early!


Absolutely love this app!!! Very cheap and cute things. Everything is what it is. Tons of deals also!!!! Love!

Love it!

They have super cute clothes for great prices

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