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all the reviews are about fortnite .

Why are all your reviews about fortnite. Now I can’t trust your platform


Super nice website. Good low prices for amazing quality items b

Why does zaful have fortnite review?

Anyone know why zaful has fortnite reviews?

Is this app even real??

All the reviews are about games and not the app itself. I’ve downloaded it and look at the apparel and there’s some really nice clothing but I’m shaky on making any purchases due to the fact that the reviews I’m seeing are about fortnight and a survival game.

This app is a scam

Do not order or share your info on this app it is a scam


The absolute worst experience with this company. First and foremost it took a month to receive the order when items didn’t fit we exchanged/ returned it and didn’t hear back from anyone until a couple of weeks later when I had to reach out to get the refund back and see where the exchange was. This was back in July. It is the end of October and I still have yet to receive the one item I exchanged. This is absolutely absurd and unprofessional. If I could give 0 stars I would’ve. NEVER buying from here again.


I don't know why there is Fortnite reviews?!

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I love u ZAFUL your clothes are so adorable and cute and they are amazing qaulity your shipping is amazing and I just love this sight♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎

BAD SITe unsafe

this is a terrible site and they are unsafe for payment information


won't let me log in with my facebook .. says "email address is already in use" well duh i have an account



What’s going on?

I see a lot of reviews saying this is a game... but this is a shopping app. Idk what’s going on but makes me feel they changed everything for better reviews. Also I’ve seen bad reviews on this so idk man.

these reviews ...

why r all these fortnite reviews

I’m confused

I thought this was a clothing store not for fortnite I’m confused

Fake reviews

They copy and pasted a ton of fortnite reviews to boost their rating it's some Japanese app don't use it

Company is a scam

I saw an ad on Instagram about a sweatshirt that looked pretty cool so I decided to buy it, around 2 weeks later it finally finished processing. It’s shipping from China which is generally a bad place to order clothes from. I have yet to receive my order. I’m hoping I’ll get the package before 2019, and I’m excited to review the quality of this sweatshirt. Overall terrible service and assuming terrible quality. Don’t order from this app/website PS - they also not their reviews on the Apple store and in the app. The reviews on the Apple store are about games such as fortnite with ‘5’ stars. The in app reviews are commonly the same phrases repeated by different ‘users’

Great quality and super cheap

This app is amazing, all of the features in it that help you shop and save money are so helpful. One problem I had was that one item didn’t come in with the rest of the order, and it’s been about a week now. But overall it’s amazing and everything fits so perfectly.


It’s a scam. *mic drops*

This isn’t a game though? 🤔

Why are these reviews all on fortnite ? I thought this was “Zaful”🙃

Love this app!

Great deals and really cute clothing/accessories.


all the sizes were not what I requested

Worst quality and service ever

Haven’t received my item for more than 3 weeks. The customer representative let me wait for 1 hour and half and asked me to present order number again and again. Now, still no response! Btw, it’s from UK, so you will be charged credit card service fee. Let alone the quality of swimming suits and clothing. Even how cheap it is, never buy it again

Are you serious?

It is a great place to get good quality clothes but the “free gifts with a team” and the “points” are completely rigged . It doesn’t let you add people to your team and it doesn’t let you use more than acouple points even tho you earned them all.

good quality

The products are good quality in craft and the orders ship out and arrive in a week.


LOVE IT. I love the stuff and it’s not at all cheap. Keep up the good work.

I’m very impressed.

I took a chance with this app and I’m very impressed.

So many choices

So many products to choose from. Shipping takes a little longer BUT so worth the wait!



5 stars

I’ve order twice, everything good just like the pics, and fast delivery!

Best Online Women Apparel App

I gave the app five stars as I found zaful genuinely perfect for women of all ages.


Excellent app

Love it

Prices are amazing if you’re not trying to spend too much. Also plenty of sales going on at all times. Shipping ain’t bad and you can earn points towards future purchases.




Why do all of these reviews look fake as if it were meant to another app?

Package never showed

I made an order September 30th and the order was supposed to ship separately, in 2 different packages. Only one of them showed up, the other has no tracking information and has not been shipped. Very disappointed. The other items were fine, but I would appreciate a refund on the item I did not receive or better, I would like to have it ASAP.


My items were never delivered and I have contacted ZAFUL support services and they did nothing, I would rate this app less if I could! I lost 22 dollars and I’m never going to see it again and I get nothing in return! It makes me angry!

zaful is great

I love zaful!!!! At the end of the day you get what you pay for, the prices are low!

great delivery

Good fit everything is as it shows great delivery

highly recommend

I highly recommend this app you should totally get it

sooo cheap

Great quality for many of the items (just check the reviews and sooo cheap!

Love it!

Highly recommend, this app is amazing !


I will never shop anywhere else again and the app is fantastic.


The clothes arrive really fast and even without the express shipping option!


Hiiii I’m a person who love shopping but I’m not millionary : I love this app because the prices are not so heavy and the clothes are beautiful

My favorite clothes

This is the only place I buy clothes anymore. I highly recommend zaful.

shop zaful!

Everything I’ve bought has been true to size! Prices are nice & sales/discounts makes the purchase even more satisfying! Shop zafullll!

Fake reviews

Idk if it’s just me but you can see some type of Japanese letters at the end of each review and it’s also describes about fortnite which is a way different topic... oof but I’ll still give it a go bc it’s already downloading so why not

Great product, only one problem that can be fixed.

I purchased a plush hoodie, crew neck, and a girls crop top plush hoodie. It came from China and I was extremely skeptical. After roughly 10-14 days, the package arrived. It only had 2 of the 3 items purchased but I absolutely love the product. The only one I did not receive was the plush tan hoodie. The material on the “Blind Child” crew neck was impeccable though. It is now my favorite crew neck. Thank you Zaful for creating such affordable and amazing clothing. I am going back to shop for the sale right now!

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