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Unbelievably frustrated. I order two items for 38.40 which isn’t a big deal the clothes were cute. But after noticing my order was not processing I messaged the app after the 2nd day I finally got a result. My order wasn’t processing because they didn’t have the items because they were all out. Now instead of getting a refund the app told me to edit. I have been trying to edit my order but the messenger doesn’t respond every time I try to edit and refuses to answer to me wanting a refund. I emailed and was given an automated email to try the messenger app which still does not work. I tried calling and the phone automatically hangs up like as if it’s not even a number. I have been patient but now I’m getting frustrated I just want a return after all this hassle. It’s been three days. Highly don’t recommended this app unless you know for certain the item is in stock and you don’t mind waiting for a refund that will never come.

Really cute and cheap

Very cute clothes and I love the setup of things!


The app is so easy to maneuver. Very simple and clean app. And great prices for all!


i love it.


Literally I'm in such an awkward size right now in shirts and this website is great at explaining exactly how the shirts and everything would fit..

Really cute and cheap

just obessed with those bikinis!!! so cute!

This app is awesome and helpful

This app is good for me to look for clothing that is nice comfy and casual. It help me finger chill clothes and also it help with finding sweaters that i see on girls from YouTube.


this app is worth it


The best clothes 4EVER!!!


This app gives a wide range of different clothing styles, and I really love it.


That clothes are so cute and affordable!


Clothes are so cute and so inexpensive I love it

This app is mega cool.

I can get all my clothes quick and easy. Plus they're way cute and at a low price.


I have 3 words... I LOVE IT

Great Deals

Everything is on sale, and cloths are super cute!!!


This app is amazing. There are great sales always and SUPER cute outfits I really suggest

Amazing deals

This app is wonderful it helps me find the most stylish clothes for an affordable and amazing price so happy to have found this app that help me find things I was looking for


That clothes are so cute and affordable!


So many different styles and so many different ways to mix and match without costing a fortune!


I rate this 5 stars!❤


This app is great

Love It

I love this app so much! It has so much to offer!

super trendy clothes

Oml this app is amazing I love it


I so in love with this app. I can't get off of it. I loveeee ittttt. ✨


this app is worth it




OMG, best online store I've yet to see!

Love it!

Has the best options! Love looking through all of the MANY MANY selections!❤


The selection is amazing they have different varieties of outfits. They are good prices for such nice clothes.

Amazing App

I love this app cute clothes, and accessories and it's cheap!

Loving it. Cheap and cute!

I love all of these clothes at a get price!

Great shopping app

It's a really great app has lots of AMAZING clothes

love love love

honestly this app is amazing and the clothes are super cute and affordable.

Overall Amazing

Great selection, cute designs, and affordable prices! Cant go wrong!!


Heehe its fun to shop

highly recommended

just obessed with those bikinis!!! so cute!

Zaful App

Love this app!

Like it so far

I haven't purchased anything yet, but I like the cheapness and cuteness of the clothes. And the apps relatively easy to use. So 5 stars for now




This app is great

Love it

You should download it now!!!


I love this!! Definitely recommend it.


I LOVE the sales and the regular prices are quite affordable with fantastic clothes and styles.

I love it



I love this app!😍

This app has the best products that's u can ever order! The clothes are super comfy and cute to wear!


Better than on the computer for sureeeee


this app is amazing!! i haven't yet purchased anything but the clothes are very cute & inexpensive. i completely recommend it:)


Great App! Very cheap and it's not a scam!

Tasteful Clothful

This app gives a wide range of different clothing styles, and I really love it.

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